Sweet Chilton County Peaches


  Chilton County Peaches are famous for flavor! They're so sweet because they're tree-ripened as long as possible before harvest. Unlike apples and pears which easily ripen off the tree, peaches never improve in sugar content after the harvest. Chilton County peaches can ripen longer in the orchard because they're grown so close to home. And the longer they ripen on the tree and receive more sunshine, the sweeter the taste. Sunshine makes the difference!


Peach Nutrtion: 
   Very High in Vitamin A (1330 i.u.)
   Low Calorie (35 calories)
   Low Fat (0.1 g)

  A medium sized peach contains about one-third of the recommended daily allowance for vitamin A. Vitamin A is necessary for the health of your eyes, and helps the eyes adjust to dim lights ("night blindness"). Vitamin A also helps the body resist infection, by helping keep the lining of your mouth, nose, throat, and digestive tract healthy.


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